When you buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers — whether for as a treat for yourself or as a thoughtful gift — you want them to last.

We recommend following the tips below to keep your blooms looking beautiful — you might even be able to double the life of your display.

Use flower food

Flower food will help keep your bouquets fresh for longer, and its best to add to your flower’s water right from the start – make sure that it’s mixed in properly, so that it doesn’t settle.

You can buy flower food specifically designed for cut flowers, or make your own using a simple four-ingredient recipe.

Cut stems every three days

Even when submerged in water, flower stems need regular trimming to ensure they effectively absorb the nutrients they need from the water. Cutting the flower stems whilst they’re under running water can also prevent air bubbles from forming and help the flowers absorb more moisture long-term.

Change water every three days

Your flower’s water will quickly become clogged with bacteria, so changing the water will keep your flowers in a tip-top condition. For best results, add more flower food to the new water.

Mist flowers

Misting the flowers will moisturise the flower heads, and keep them looking fresh. Give them a light coating every couple of days to keep them hydrated.

Display flowers away from fruit

Ripening fruit can prematurely agree the flowers, so its best to display your flowers away from fruit. Apples and bananas are particularly bad for flowers, as they produce the most ethylene gas — the chemical which shortens the life of flowers.

Discard all packaging

Restrictive packaging might prevent your flowers from channelling water effectively. The packaging might also leach chemicals into your flower’s water, causing them to wilt and die earlier than expected.

Keep away from draughts, radiators, and direct sunlight

Draughts, radiators and direct sunlight can all have a negative effect on your bouquet. Draughts and hot spots increase the rate of evaporation, and sunlight can speed up the process of petals unfolding.

Remove dead heads and leaves

Not only will pruning your bouquet keep it looking beautiful, dead flowers can have the same effect as fruit — producing ethylene gas which will shorten their life span. Remove these and any leaves which have collected in the water of your vase; leaves breed bacteria which can age your flowers.

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